Why Photography?

I became a photographer, well, because it has always been in me. My father loved taking pictures and I remember wanting to use his camera but never would in fear that I might break it. On top of that, there are thousands of pictures of my family (gross exaggeration) and whenever I look at them I get a feeling of nostalgia. My interest peaked again in 2001 when I became the “Head Photo Specialist” of the photo department at Walgreen’s. I had to go to trainings to learn about film, developing, chemicals, pixels, etc. because of my newfound knowledge I always wanted the best camera (point and shoot) and I would take it everywhere.





In 2010 my sister’s ex-boyfriend was selling his Canon Rebel XTI for $350 and I thought it was a steal. I quickly jumped at the chance to own my first DSLR. I took pictures of my family and had about two sessions. When I look back at those pictures now I cringe and afterwards a feeling of pride comes over me because I have come a long way. (Don’t mind my foot, lol)



Then I had to think about what kind of photographer I wanted to be. Did I want to be an event, wedding, children photographer etc.? I decided to delve into all aspects of photography and finally decided that I wanted to be a portrait photographer, which includes engagements, maternity, seniors etc. I also love styled/themed photography especially when it has to do with the interests of the client.

-Alekanda A.


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