PrimX Bare Collection Shoot

I got a chance to collaborate with some talented ladies and gentlemen to promote PrimX Virgin Hair Extensions “Bare Collection” which will launch this summer. The company contracted a hairstylist, make-up artist, videographer, 3 gorgeous models, and me as their photographer 🙂

It was a great day to be on the beach, the sun was bright and the water warm. The water was so inviting that I wanted to go for a swim afterwards but I didn’t have a swimsuit 😦 but I wish that I can say that I had my nerves together because I didn’t. I was so nervous after I agreed to do this shoot. I’m always nervous when I venture into new waters but my sister reminded me that “it’s like any other shoot”. So after I poured over Pinterest looking for inspiration and reading up on articles I felt confident enough to accomplish this shoot. Not! I was still letting my nerves get the best of me which, I basically do before every shoot.

My lovely assistant (my little sister) and I got to the beach and I began to scout the location for an interesting spot away from the sunlight’s rays and then I saw it, the Pier! Underneath the pier was perfect. It was away from the sun and the seaweed added interest and color to the scene. Soon after I began shooting my nerves were gone, so gone that I forgot that I ever had them. I had so much fun shooting for PrimX and I wouldn’t mind doing it again for different companions. Wink, wink

Happy viewing!

-Alekandra A.

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Hair Company: PrimX Virgin Hair Extensions

Make-up Artist: Soco – @SocommercialMUA

Hair Stylist: Cassy Styles – @Cassystyles

Videographer: Infamous



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