Balloons + Lollipops

My high school friend and I decided to work together on two projects because she’s an up and coming make-up artist and I like to take pictures. We were each responsible for finding a model. My model was my little sister and her model was a girl she used to work with at Sephora. We decided that she would complete two looks on two different races. One look would be dramatic and the second look would be natural. We’ve already completed the first shoot with my sister. The make-up looks were amazing therefore the pictures were amazing!!!

Why balloons and lollipops?

Well our model Jenna is turning 20 this year and I thought balloons would be a cute way to celebrate. As I was buying the balloons I saw the big lollipops and decided that it would be a great addition to the shoot.

Ednita created the first look before they arrived. I loved everything about the dramatic look from the glitter in her eyebrows to her pink lipstick!! The natural look made her look fresh; I would say young but…well…you know, she’s 20.

Did I mention that Jenna arrived with her boyfriend, Brandon! Well, those two are the cutest couple!! They told us about how they gave each other the same dollar in different ways when they were in high school. They made Ednita and I feel old when they used the term “back in the day” when referring to their experiences in high school which, was only 1-2 years ago.

I had an awesome time working with Ednita and Jenna!! Ednita is a great make-up artist!!

Happy viewing!!

-Alekandra A.

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Make-up artist: Ednita @ednitaluna


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