I’m a little upset…

I’m a little upset but I can’t be too upset because I didn’t have the party in question sign a contract.

Before I get into the story let’s play a game:

Can you point out the differences?

Primx double up

Yea, my thoughts exactly.

I set out to collaborate with companies and they reached out to me. We spoke about what they wanted and on May 16, 2015 we had our photo shoot. I had a lot of fun and the girls were great! I loved everything about the images and the company expressed the same to me.

On May 31, 2015 I was out celebrating with my aunt and took a scroll through Instagram and they posted a picture of their site. I got excited because my images were being used on their site. I mean I knew that they were going to do it but it’s a different feeling when you finally see it. I showed it to everyone and put my phone away.

I woke up the next day and had a feeling that something wasn’t right about the picture they used on their site. I went back onto their site and realized that they altered my picture. I was very upset but like I said before I couldn’t be upset because I failed to have them sign a contract which states that “no alterations should be made to my original images”. If I had them sign a contract I would have been able to contact them and point out the clause and ask them to take it down.

According to The National Press Photographers Association’s (NPPA) code of ethics:

“Editing should maintain the integrity of the photographic images’ content and context. Do not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.”


“Do not intentionally sabotage the efforts of other journalists.”

May has been a month of lessons of why I should have everyone sign a contract. Going forward I will have everyone sign a contract and if they don’t then we can’t work together. I need to be able have control over how my work will be shown and viewed by others.

-Alekandra A.



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