Solèy – The Artist

Solèy is a songstress from Atlanta, Georgia just listen to her sing

I had the pleasure of photographing her this past weekend and we had so much fun. She’s down to earth, beautiful, funny and a pleasure to be around! Ok, I have a confession, she’s my cousin. Therefore I may be a little biased but I promise you that it’s all true!

She wanted to do some water shoots so we ended up on the beach. As we were looking for a prime location we came across an empty tub. You know I had to incorporate that into the shoot some how!20150531_191331

We tackled the water first and let me tell you the waves were rough and it was hard for her to keep her facial expressions the way she wanted and on top of that I was getting wet. I didn’t care about getting wet because photographers do whatever it takes to get the shot (safety first). Afterwards, we moved the tub and shoot a few frames with her in it. Another confession, most photographers use the motto “ask for forgiveness not permission” I on the other hand am a big chicken so I asked. I mean we were going to move the tub from one spot to another. Luckily the clean up crew for the hotel didn’t know who the tub belonged to and didn’t care. If I could I would’ve brought it home with me.

What I learned:

I learned that water shoots should be done in a lake or intercostal where there are little to no waves.

Happy viewing,

-Alekandra A.

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I leave you with behind the scene footage from our shoot together.

Go follow her!!

Instagram: @soleywashere

Facebook: Solèy





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