Community Event | Edifye

My parents were born on the first black island to gain its independence. Yes, I’m talking about Haiti!

Haiti is a beautiful island whose people are educated, innovative, brave, ambitious…the list is too long for this post. So many times American citizens are bombarded with images of poverty, lack of government, corruption, etc. America is full of those images and some of us live it everyday.

Edifye is a nonprofit organization started by Vidith Eugene. Their mission is to combat the cycle of poverty in Haiti, through education, empowerment, and partnerships.


On May 24, 2015 I joined Edifye at their 1st Annual Ball Out Fundraising Competition at Pompano Community Park in Pompano, Florida. I was their to capture the events of the day. All the proceeds from the event is going towards the empowerment of Haiti. They had activities for the kids such as the spoon race and wheelbarrow race.  It was fun having proof of who cheated during the games which was mostly the adults.

Did i mention that they had food! Wonderful, glorious, tasty Haitian food! If you have never tasted Haitian food I suggest that you go to your nearest Haitian restaurant and get your grub on. The turn out for this event was great and I hope that next year will be bigger and better. It was great to be in the company of other Haitian people who are out to further empower Haiti and its people.

Here’s how to keep up with Edifye:





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