Amber Q. | Studio Workshop

Shooting in a studio isn’t really something that I am interested in but I do attend workshop from time to time for 3 reasons:

  • To learn more about studio lighting
    • Some studios are better at teaching than others
  • To meet other photographers and see how they work
    • I learn posing techniques and how to speak and treat models

And the most important reason:

  • It saves me time, energy, and money
    • I don’t have to think of a concept. I just wait for a studio to do something I’m interested in photographing
    • I don’t have to spend money buying props, renting studio time, paying a MUA, etc.

I drove 34 minutes to the studio in Deerfield Beach, FL. I was 15 minutes late. When I checked the travel time on Google Maps I thought it said 24 minutes but apparently I was wrong. I was afraid that the workshop had started already but when I arrived Amber was still in hair and makeup. I breathed a sigh or relief.

The theme of the workshop was called “Pin-up, classic cars and lingerie” with the lovely Amber Q. Yesterday was my first time shooting at this studio. I’m always nervous when I go to one of these but everyone was nice and sweet.

They had three scenes with different lighting. The first scene was pin-up and classic car.

Out of all the images I shoot for this scene these three were my favorite. The next scene was still a pin-up and classic car but it with a military feel.

Yep, that’s right; I only liked one. The last scene Amber was wearing lingerie and she posed next to the jeep.

I thought that her lingerie didn’t mesh well with the jeep so I tried to omit the jeep when I composed the shots. Before this I didn’t like the idea of shooting a women in lingerie. Most of the meetup groups that I am a part of have a lot of workshops where the girl is either in lingerie or naked but after this shoot I would like to photograph some more. It’s very sensual.

Composing shots properly was hard for me because I shoot with prime lens (permanent focal distance). With a prime lens I have to use my feet to zoom in or out and sometimes you just don’t have the space you need to zoom out in a studio. The second scene made it even harder to compose the shot because they added a flag. I had no choice but to keep my shots tight. Other photographers use zoom lens and I don’t have one nor do I need one at the moment. In time I believe that I will figure out how to make it work.

What I learned:

– I want to photograph lingerie and implied nudity themed workshops.

Happy viewing!

-Alekandra A.

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