Keeley | The Most Ghost

Ok ya’ll, let me tell you about the workshop that I went to last week in Boca Raton, FL. This meetup was posted about a week ago and I looked at it and thought “I like her red hair but what will the theme be?” One of the members inquired about the theme. The organizer said that it was going to have an “avant garde” feel. I was intrigued and decided to partake in the festivities 🙂

I cooked dinner, ate dinner, packed a snack, briefed the sitter (my sister), and made my way to Boca Raton. These are some of the things I do before I go to a shoot. There were about 8 photogs (photographer) there which, I liked.

This is an example of one of the cameras he used.
This is an example of one of the cameras he used.


Smaller groups are the best. We had a great time talking to each other. I even learned a few things about editing. I was most amazed by the photog that was shooting analog with a Polaroid camera. Analog is basically shooting with a camera and film. Yes! Film! and a Polaroid!! We were all excited to see his images but we had to wait because the film took about 10-15 minutes to process. He informed us that there was only one factory that still made the film for his camera which, costs him $25 for a pack of 8. He had to make every picture count.



Keeley a.k.a Most Ghost was AMAZING!!! From her poses to her outfits to her fiery red hair, everything was superb! Look at the range of emotions; she gave me so much energy!

Most of the time the models at these meetups get tired about mid-way through the shoot and I don’t blame them. The models have to think about different poses for each photographer as well as be photographed by about 5-10 photogs for about three hours. Keeley – Most Ghost was on fire the whole night (no pun intended, lol) I can bet that each photographer got a photo that isn’t like the other.

The next set of images are ironic because another photog and I were complaining about all the lingerie themed shoots in different meetup groups. Guess who picked the outfit for the next scene? We did!! Lol. I especially liked that Keeley – Most Ghost let us choose her outfits. She came ready to play and to please.

I could tell that she loves what she does by how energetic and conversational she was the whole night.

The next set-up was actually a surprise for us and we were very excited! To prepare we had to be trained on how to use the fire blanket in case she catches on fire O_0 Ok, all we had to do was wrap her in the blanket to smother the flames. I’m a little dramatic at times.

I have to say that I had an amazing time at this meetup. Keeley – Most Ghost did a phenomenal job and the studio did an amazing job at setting up different ways of lighting a subject. I felt that this meetup was a collaborative effort between the photogs, studio and model.

What I learned:

I learned that I will only do studio work for these types of shoots i.e. high fashion, goth, angelic, etc. I will not do family and individual portraits in studio. I think that families and individuals should be in their own element as to bring out the true essence of who they are.

Happy viewing!!

-Alekandra A.

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Keeley – Most Ghost




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I leave you with videos from the fire setup, enjoy!



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