Documentary-Style Photography

So what exactly is Documentary Style Photography? DocYOU-style, yes that’s what I’m going to call it, is a genre of photography that focuses on telling a story about a place, issue, or person by observing and photographing the people in their environment. This style of photography is challenging because the photographer is not naturally part of the environment and not to mention that the camera makes it hard for the photographer to be inconspicuous.

DocYOU-style photography is a way to share emotional truth, it’s NOT about posing or using backdrops. It’s about capturing the REAL moments of a family and that is what I love about it! I’m all for having a traditional portrait but let’s think about what types of images provide you with increased nostalgia, it’s always the candid ones. Whenever I look at a posed picture all I think about is the rush to get dressed and make sure that everyone is smiling in order to get the shot. But, whenever I look at candid photos I remember the event that lead up to the snapshot which, immediately makes me smile and a feel all warm and tingly inside. That’s the kind of feeling I want to provide to others when they look at the moments I capture for them.

I added the word you in DocYOU-style because it’s all about you! No awkward poses. No more feeling uncomfortable. Just you in your element and the photographer is just along for the ride.

I’m going to share my first try at DocYOU-style photography. The subject, my daughter. The event, snack-time. These images make me very happy because she will be able to look back and see her 18-month self eating grapes. No posing. No backdrops. Just her eating grapes in her environment.

Happy Viewing!!

-Alekandra A.

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