Boho-Afro Chic

Boho-Afro Chic… I had to pick a title and this is what I came up with because well that was the term I used for the concept of this shoot. Plain and simple, lol

Boho-Afro Chic is a theme that incorporates a bohemian look with an African twist.

Let’s go on to the details of the shoot.


Why? Well because that’s how I meet my model for this shoot, the lovely Jomel M. She liked a couple of my images on Instagram so I looked at her profile and noticed that she is an aspiring model. I loved her look and contacted her immediately and a lovely relationship was formed 🙂

She is an awesome model/women and easy to work with! I told her what my theme was and she sent me pictures of outfits she thought would work for the theme. I also sent her images of make-up looks I was looking for. She forewarned me that she’s not great at creating all make-up looks but let me tell you guys she did a wonderful job! I was so impressed!! She went above and beyond to help me complete this shoot. She even watched YouTube tutorials to help her with create her make-up look. I can honestly say that we were a team.

We meet up in a park in Fort. Lauderdale to photograph three looks. The first look had a complete boho-hippie look. She wore bell-bottoms, cropped top and a straw hat.

In the second look Jomel wore a coral dress and her crown was draped with a colorful head wrap.

I would say that the third outfit really represented the theme that I was going for. She wore shorts with a flowy white shirt and a tribal head wrap.

We had so much fun doing this shoot! I would definitely save her information in my rolodex (I don’t really have a rolodex, lol) for future projects!!

Happy viewing!!

-Alekandra A.

Jomel M. – Instagram

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